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Nirav Shah,

Visualizer, Founder.


Designs Unlimited & Associates by Nirav Shah has been in the field of real estate development and interiors since the early 1990s. In the last three decades, we’ve worked on many landmark projects across the city.


Along with excellent aesthetics, Nirav Shah has worked in fields of real estate development, business and life coaching, philanthropy, fitness entrepreneurship and nurturing creativity.  Hence, along with the aesthetics comes the right blend of practicalities of Life, proper management and a real understanding of human and family needs. 


At DUA, we are committed to system-driven processes.


Drawings, documentation is the core of our communication with our clients and supporting associates which ensures clarity in processes and timely completion of projects.


We believe in participative designing and management, meaning all stakeholders, senior designers, project manager, draftsperson, associate design team, execution team, suppliers, service providers, and most importantly each member from the client’s team participate in the design process.

At DUA, we strongly believe interior designing is a blend of the client’s choices as per their requirements guided and moulded by us and not the other way around. At the time of our handover, clients already start vibing with the place and feel like it’s an extension of their personality because they actually designed it along with us.


“Elegance is not Expensive” Creating the right vibes, and bringing in the personality of the client to the design process automatically brings elegance to the project.


Our execution team has been working with us for more than three decades. Their understanding of designs, costing, needs and the designer is excellent and how they participate in the management is noteworthy.


We at Designs Unlimited and associates visualize a mesmerizing ambience and bring to life blank walls and corners. We are an Interior Design firm committed to design with social responsibility and sustainability, taking into consideration vibrations and aptitude/liking of each individual user of the space.

Our Process

We believe in zero compromises and 100% client satisfaction.

Our process makes it easier for both of us to finish the project

on-time, at ease with desired results.

Step 1


Understanding DUA and its processes for better clarity, smooth functioning and gaining confidence.

Step 4

Execution Drawings

Creating detailed

drawings and layouts

Step 7

Civil, Electrical, Ceiling and Carpentry work.

Step 2

Client Needs


Understanding the requirements of the clients

Step 5




3D image of projects

Step 8

Carpentry, Color, Polish work.

Step 3

Layouts & Moodboards

Discussing various options and freezing the plan

Step 6

Project Estimates

Estimates and

Orientation of Agencies

Step 9

Light fixtures, Artefacts, Landscaping and final finishing

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